Filthy Lucre Trophy List

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Complete all trophies
Escape a mission after completing a Primary objective
Escape "Gaffercake" after completing the Primary objective
Escape “The Shakedown” after completing the Primary objective
Escape "Kerrching!" after completing the Primary objective
Successfully complete all Secondary objectives
Successfully complete all Primary objectives
Complete all Challenges
Escape any mission with 2 loot bags
Reach Rank 5
Reach Rank 10
Reach Rank 15
Collect all Antiques
Purchase any upgrade in the Armoury
Complete a Primary objective without attacking enemies
Complete a Sabotage mission without being detected
Assassinate a target in one shot
Blow up the printing presses in "Stop The Press"
Kill 3 enemies simultaneously with a Remote mine
Kill an enemy with a Throwing Knife
Kill 2 enemies at once with the Sawn-Off Shotgun
Kill 5 enemies with SMG without taking damage
Rescue your co-op partner during an interrogation
Trigger 10 distractions with the Remote Hack Gun
Kill an enemy with door explosion
Trigger the Hit-squad
Eliminate a guard whilst they're going for the alarm
Takedown a disracted enemy
Melee a stunned enemy
Jam the guard's radio communications 5 times
Collect all 5 location paintings
Purchase all Equipment & Upgrades from the Armoury