FantaVision Trophy List

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Complete the "City Lights" stage.
Complete the "Shooting Stars" stage.
Earn a chain of 30 during a 1P (Regular) game.
Watch the staff credits until the end.
Activate a Psychadelic effect during a replay.
Win a versus game as Player 1 with the handicap set completely to the right.
Activate two Starmines during a 1P stage.
Steal an opponent's Starmine using a Reverse in a versus game.
Complete the "Snow on the Moon" stage.
Finish a stage with 100% success.
Complete the "Beyond the Infinity" stage.
Earn a chain of 150 in Chain Attack mode.
Flash a 10+ chain of only one color, outside Chain Attack mode.
Watch Ultra Play Movie 2.
Score 10,000,000 points in a 1P game.