F1 2016 Trophy List

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Acquire every trophy in F1 2016
Fit all 3 available tyre compounds in a race
Accept a contract with Renault, Sauber or Manor
Accept a contract with Force India, Toro Rosso, McLaren or Haas
Accept a contract with Red Bull, Williams, Ferrari or Mercedes
Accept a contract with another team mid season
Meet your Research and Development Engineer
Complete a full season of 21 races in Career or Championship Season
Complete your first Practice Programme
Achieve a perfect result in a Practice Programme
Complete a formation lap with your tyres at optimal temperature
Have 50% of the vehicle upgrades applied
Purchase all upgrades for your car
Win a Career Rivalry
Win all Career rivalries in a Season
Reach the mid point of the season leading the Drivers' Championship
Take part in any session having made a set-up change via the Setup option in the garage.
Complete a penalty free formation lap
Win the Drivers' Championship at the final race of the season
Spend at least 75% of your season being rated as 'Overachieving' by your team
Improve your performance to elevate yourself out of the 'Underachieving' zone
Achieve a podium finish in any game mode
Take your first win in any full season
Take pole position
Win the Formula 1 Drivers' Championship
Win the Formula 1 Constructors' Championship
Complete any race with all assists disabled
Set-up your own Time of Day scenario and complete a race
Complete 10 penalty free race starts with the system set to 'Manual'
Gain 10 or more positions between the start and end of Sector 1
Complete 10 penalty free laps behind the Safety Car
Pit under the Safety Car onto the team's suggested strategy
Set the fastest time in all 3 Practice sessions, take pole position and win the Grand Prix
Complete a race in Pro Career
Achieve a podium finish with damage set to 'Simulation' without damaging your car
Politely ask your Race Engineer to stop talking to you out on track
Set a clean lap in any Time Trial
Set a clean lap in Time Trial at 10 circuits
Set wet times in Time Trial at 5 circuits
Create and race your own weather scenario
Use a Flashback
Resume a race using a Mid Session Save
Use the Multi Function Display to adjust your set-up while on track
Complete an Online Race
Complete 5 Online Races
Win a total of 5 Online Races
Save an Online Championship
Complete 10 laps at the new Baku circuit
With Pit Assist disabled, perform 5 penalty free pit stops
Win a 25% + distance race against 'Ultimate' AI opponents