Exorcist: Legion VR Trophy List

Trophy List Banner
Order four cups of coffee.
Feed the plant your coffee.
Find the photo of your favourite pet.
Find the can of pea soup.
Exorcise the amulet.
Play a CD.

Chapter 1 DLC

Punch the hanging pig heads.
Complete chapter 1 with 100%.
Read through Father Bell’s notebook.
Smash all the glass objects.
Complete chapter 1.

Chapter 2 DLC

Throw holy water at the patient.
Avoid the grasp of demon hands.
Hide in the locker and close the door.
Complete chapter 2.
Complete chapter 2 with 100%.

Chapter 3 DLC

Play the piano and rattle.
Leave when you are told to.
Play with 20 items in the dolls house
Complete chapter 3.
Complete chapter 3 with 100%.