Exorcist: Legion VR Trophy List

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Order four cups of coffee.
Feed the plant your coffee.
Find the photo of your favourite pet.
Find the can of pea soup.
Exorcise the amulet.
Play a CD.

Chapter 1 DLC

Punch the hanging pig heads.
Complete chapter 1 with 100%.
Read through Father Bell’s notebook.
Smash all the glass objects.
Complete chapter 1.

Chapter 2 DLC

Throw holy water at the patient.
Avoid the grasp of demon hands.
Hide in the locker and close the door.
Complete chapter 2.
Complete chapter 2 with 100%.

Chapter 3 DLC

Play the piano and rattle.
Leave when you are told to.
Play with 20 items in the dolls house
Complete chapter 3.
Complete chapter 3 with 100%.