Everybody's Putter Golf with Toro Trophy List

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What an amazing hole in one! Congratulations on a great shot! No cash prize though since this is just a game, so everything's hunky-dory.
You were on fire the whole game! Winning requires patience and cool calculation, not to mention nerves of steel!
Feels great!
Makes one think, "Wow, really?"
One stroke below eagle is double-eagle--like on a coat of arms. I'm doing pretty darn good.
So this is what three consecutive holes in one is like. But no matter how many you make, it still feels the same.
You sure are jazzin' it up, champ.
"S" is for "Star," as in "Sirius," as in "Seriously, you can't beat me."
That's two stars, boy, just in case you needed a reminder of how "Sirius" a "Star" I am!
That's SSS: a "Sirius" Super Star!