Everspace Trophy List

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Collect all other trophies.
Reach sector 2.
Reach sector 3.
Reach sector 4.
Reach sector 5.
Reach sector 6.
Reach the lab on hard difficulty.
Kill your own clone.
Collect all DNA fragments.
Defeat Admiral Gorc.
Buy a new ship.
Complete all challenges.
Collect all subroutines.
Collect all glyphs.
Destroy 1000 enemies.
Reach the lab in less than an hour.
Have 5 or more drones working for you at the same time.
Accumulate 500 scrap in a single run.
Destroy an Okkar Frigate.
Max out all pilot perks.
Get all perks for the Interceptor, the Scout or the Gunship.
Finish a run having both the Predetermination and Sensory Overload enhancements equipped.
Use the Colonial Scout 15 times.
Use the Colonial Gunship 15 times.

Encounters DLC

Complete all tasks for Tareen.
Complete all tasks for Throng.
Help the Coalition become a force to be reckoned with.
Decide Karlie's Fate.
Max out all perks for the Colonial Sentinel.
Feed a Green Goo until it bursts.
Have a primary weapon other than the Ancient Weapon installed that does more than 200 shield or hull dps.
Use the Colonial Sentinel 15 times.