Eufloria Trophy List

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Complete the main game.
Complete Dark Matter Mode.
Complete "200" without any of your own trees being destroyed.
Complete "The Centre Cannot Hold" within 60 minutes.
Complete the campaign in under ten hours.
Complete "Protection" without destroying anyone else's trees.
Attack an enemy asteroid and lose 300 seedlings in the process.
Find over 600 of the lost seedlings in the game.
Attack an enemy asteroid and destroy 200 seedlings in the process.
Discover an asteroid using a flower or a mine.
Send a flower or a mine over 50000 arbitrary distance units.
Gather ten flowers on an asteroid.
Gather five mines on an asteroid.
Battle for an enemy asteroid for ten minutes.
Defend one of your own asteroids continuously for five minutes.
A pitched battle that lasts over 15 minutes and incurs 500 losses between all sides.
Destroy ten enemy seedlings using a mine explosion.
Land a beacon seed on an enemy asteroid.
Record all of the Ancient Artifacts.
Terraform an asteroid to maximum attributes.