Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Trophy List

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Collect all ENSLAVED™ trophies.
Complete Chapter 1.
Complete Chapter 2.
Complete Chapter 3.
Complete Chapter 4.
Complete Chapter 5.
Complete Chapter 6.
Complete Chapter 7.
Complete Chapter 8.
Complete Chapter 9.
Complete Chapter 10.
Complete Chapter 11.
Complete Chapter 12.
Complete Chapter 13.
Complete Chapter 14.
Free the slaves.
Headshot a Demolition mech 20 times.
Complete all chapters on Easy.
Complete all chapters on Normal.
Complete all chapters on Hard.
Beat Pigsy to the top of the Decaying Titan.
Rescue Trip from the Dog in less than 36 seconds.
Rescue Trip from the Rhino in less than 35 seconds.
Sneak past a group of enemies without alerting them.
Kill the Rhino without getting hit by his Charge Attack.
Knock an enemy back into a mine.
Distract 20 different enemies.
Stun 75 different enemies.
Kill a Broadcaster with 1 second on the clock.
Use the Bomb Takedown to kill 2 enemies.
Use the Gun Scout Hijack Takedown to kill 10 enemies.
Stun 3 enemies at once with a Radial Stun Blast.
Kill 25 shielded enemies with a Stun Blast then Plasma Blast combo.
Kill 200 enemies.
Perform 20 Counter Attacks.
Kill 3 enemies with a penetrating Plasma Blast.
Perform 20 Evade Attacks that hit an enemy.
Complete a chapter without dying (Except Chapter 1).
Rescue Trip 3 times after she has performed an EMP.
Complete a Chapter without losing any health.
Purchase all Upgrades.
Purchase all Health Upgrades.
Purchase all Combat Upgrades.
Purchase all Staff Upgrades.
Purchase all Shield Upgrades.
Collect half of the Masks.
Collect all Masks.
Collect half of the Tech Orbs.
Collect all Tech Orbs.
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Reach the top of Dead Man's Peak.
Pigsy's Perfect 10? Find all the parts to build Perfect 10.
Pigsy's Perfect 10? Complete all chapters.
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Finish the Shooting Gallery under 40 seconds without shooting any pin-ups.
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Ally a single Mech 2 times.
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Stun 5 enemies using one single EMP device.
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Ally 4 enemies using one single Ally device.
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Kill 4 Mechs with 1 Bomb device.
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Use all 4 devices on one enemy.
Pigsy's Perfect 10: Collect all hidden food and pin-up girls.