Emerald Shores Trophy List

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Get all other trophies
Level your character up for the first time
Finish level 1-1: Royal Road
Find the secret exit in level 1-2: Forest of Secrets.
Finish level 1-3: Cavernous Depths without touching any lava
Beat the World 1 boss
Get hit by a snowball
Beat the World 2 boss
Collect all of the coins in 3-4: Cactus Valley
Beat the World 3 boss
Defeat a giant Bootworm
Beat the World 4 boss
Finish the game on Normal mode
Finish the game on Remix mode
Finish the game without leveling up past character level 8
Level up to character level 12
Find and destroy the optional level 70 boss
Acquire a pet Bootworm
Win a Bootworm race
Win all of the Bootworm races and collect your trophy at the Winner's Circle
Collect 500 coins
Find a fireball power-up
Pick up a double-jump power-up
Acquire the winged boots at the end of the Ancient Castle sidequest
Perform a triple-jump for the first time
Feed your pet Bootworm an apple, a banana, and sushi
Teach your pet Bootworm all three spells
Equip your pet Bootworm with a sword, a helmet, and a plate of armor. And paint him red.
Buy 5 cows in one game of Farmtrepreneur
Finish a game of Farmtrepreneuer with a score of $4,000 or higher