Elite Dangerous Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies
Win 250 CQC Matches
Win 10 Deathmatches
Win 10 Capture the Flag matches
Win 10 Team Deathmatches
Collect 1,000,000 credits in bounties
Cash in a bounty
Get an Elite Ranking
Reach a Combat Rank of Expert
Avoid an interdiction
Destroy 100 Elite Combat rated ships
Participate and receive a reward in a community goal
Participate in 10 successful community goals
Reach an Explorer Rank of Trailblazer
Sell data on a celestial body
Fuel scoop 100 tonnes
Visit Sagittarius A
Visit Sol
Refine 100 tonnes of Minerals or Metals
Refine 10 tonnes of Painite
Complete 250 missions
Get a bounty of 100,000 credits
Interdict a ship
Sign up with a power
Buy a new ship
Own 10 different ships simultaneously
Sell illegal goods
Sell 50,000 credits worth of illegal goods
Increase Trade Rank to Merchant
Sell at 100 different markets
Sell 250,000 credits worth of rares
Form a Full Wing
Cash in combat bonds worth 100,000 credits
Be first to discover a planet
Refine 750 tonnes of Minerals or Metals
Interdict 25 ships
Sell at 250 different markets
Refine 25 tonnes of Gold
Buy 1,000 tonnes of tea
Sell 250 units of cargo
Destroy 1,000 ships
Get a bounty of 25,000 credits
Visit W Ursae Majoris
Reach CQC Championship rank 50
Complete 50 missions

Elite Dangerous: Horizons DLC

Launch 25 fighters from your ship
Deliver 500 passengers
Create your commander
Damage a ship whilst in the Fire Con role of Multi-Crew
Customise 10 modules at an Engineer's workshop
Visit an Engineer
Scan a barnacle
Scoop 100 surface materials in the SRV
Complete 25 planet side missions
Drive 500 miles in the SRV
Drive 1,000 miles in the SRV
Redeem 100,000 credits of vouchers from data scanning in the SRV