Electronauts Trophy List

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Obtain all trophies
Sequence all notes on all possible sequencers on every instrument
Jam in a single room for 15 mins or more
Use the arrangement equipment
Fill 4 unique rows on the arrangement equipment
Visit all 11 Visualizers
Play an instrument consistently for 1 min
Use the FX Cube glitch remix effect 25 times
Have echo enabled on all instruments and hold down the filter in FX cube for 2 loops
Play only the looper for 2 full loops with all backing tracks muted
Mute the kick/snare stems in a backing track and then bring them back in
Play 2 orb kits simultaneously for 2 full loops
Use the vocal equipment whilst recording a sequence on an instrument
Have a sequence playing on every instrument in a room
Play only the synth ball for 4 full loops
Clear 3 sequences in succession
Mute 2 sequences at the end of a loop
Throw an audio grenade when you transition backing tracks
Play the harp for 2 whole loops
Record a sequence on an instrument, mute it for a loop and play that instrument with your sticks for a loop then unmute it
Play every note on the synth ball in ascending order
Play 20 different songs
Play every instrument in the game
Throw a grenade and use the glitch effect to stutter the grenade sound