Eekeemoo - Splinters of the Dark Shard Trophy List

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Lord protector and Guardian of the northern light and all lands above the great sand sea. Unlocked all the trophies.
Complete Chapter 1 - The Skyling Forest
Complete Chapter 2 - The Lava Lakes
Complete Chapter 3 - The Frozen Fortress
Complete Chapter 4 - The Dark Cave
Jump on 25 Bounce Pods
Fall into the water 10 times or more.
Fall into the lava 10 times or more.
Successfully rescue YumYum.
Successfully rescue Nim.
Successfully rescue DBot.
Slay at least 250 Forest Zomblings
Slay at least 250 Lava Zomblings
Slay at least 250 Ice Zomblings
Slay at least 250 Cave Zomblings
Slay at least 50 Zombers.
Slay at least 10 Cycloptus
Release Woodface from Dark Shards evil infulence.
Opened all of the chests at least once.
Destroy all of Dark Shards splinters
Realease Hammerfist The Black Smith from Dark Shards evil influence
Defeat Harry in his arena releasing him from Dark Shards control.
Avoid and Escape from Li Pha before his touch steals your soul.