Trophy List

Apnoe Diving Apnoe Diving
Sink with your ship!
Fish From Hell Fish From Hell
Catch 666 Fish!
Rumble in the Jungle Rumble in the Jungle
Finish the Jungle cup!
Pasta Carnage Pasta Carnage
Finish the Venice cup!
Fish and Loathing in Las Vegas Fish and Loathing in Las Vegas
Finish the Canyon cup!
Snowball Fighter Snowball Fighter
Finish the Frozen Frenzy Cup!
Sunken Fish, Rising Sun Sunken Fish, Rising Sun
Finish the Jade-green Japan Cup!
Workaholic Workaholic
Solve extra missions!
Catch a Millionaire Catch a Millionaire
Earn one million bucks with fish sales!
Supreme Head Supreme Head
Defeat as many Boss Fish as possible!