Dusty Raging Fist Trophy List

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All trophies.
Die Once
Kill 30 Rats
Kill 20 Bulls
Perform a 50 hit combo
First Sniper Kill
First Artillery Kill
Complete a level with melee attacks only.
Kill 100 enemies with sniper.
Kill 100 enemies with artillery.
Kill 20 Rhinos
Kill 10 Kangaroos
Freeze 3 enemies at once.
Hit 3 enemies with one Fireball (Dusty)
Hit 3 enemies with 1 tornado (Kitsune)
Hit 3 enemies with 1 earth final attack (Darg).
Electrocute 3 enemies at once.
Hit 3 enemies with 1 black hole.
Unlock all combos.
Level up everything.
Use all guardians at least once.
Open all chests.
Snipe all cyrstals.
Beat the Game