Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 Trophy List

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Become a master pilot.
Complete training
Complete a mission with depleted ammunition
Crash your helicopter during training.
Destroy 500 enemies.
Own all the helicopters.
Transport 200 soldiers.
Get all of the weapons
Defeat the boss on level 35.
Find the artifact in the desert.
Find the Swords in the fjords.
Complete Mission #30 without retrying from landing zone.
Complete an attack mission with a transport helicopter.
Collect 175 dog tags.
Find the Ferris Wheel in the taiga.
Land on the drop zone with one man left behind.
Land on all Landing Zones.
Collect 10 stars.
Collect 20 stars.
Collect 30 stars.
Collect 40 stars.
Collect 50 stars.
Collect 60 stars.
Collect 70 stars.
Collect 80 stars.
Collect 90 stars.
Collect 105 stars.