Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal Trophy List

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Acquire all trophies.
Level up to an advanced class.
Defeat 20,000 monsters.
Enchant a piece of equipment to max rank at the Blacksmith Shop.
Unlock the Royal Library Depths.
Defeat the Demon God.
Unlock the Samara Passage.
Unlock the Giant Tree of Tver.
Unlock the Rousset Imperial Villa.
Unlock the Marsala Onsen.
Unlock the Underground Waterway.
Defeat 5,000 monsters.
Level up to an intermediate class.
Use a joint skill.
Activate a party skill.
Reach client level 3 at the Quest Desk.
Unlock the Temple of Wrappl.
Unlock the Tower of Piertan.
Unlock the Mostar Catacombs.
Unlock the Khorramshahr Village.
Defeat 100 monsters.
Defeat 500 monsters.
Defeat 1,000 monsters.
Enchant a piece of equipment at the Blacksmith Shop.
Eat at the Ramen Shop.
Eat at the Ice Cream Shop.
Create a Sealbook.
Create a Grand Sealbook.
Complete a quest.
Acquire 10,000 gold.
Acquire 100,000 gold.