Dreadnought Trophy List

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Collect all other trophies in Dreadnought
Complete 5 games
Complete 100 games
Complete 1000 games
Win separate matches as a Dreadnought, Destroyer, Artillery Cruiser, Tactical Cruiser and Corvette
Finish a match as the highest-scoring player on your team
Kill 10 enemies with your secondary weapon
Kill 25 enemies with your secondary weapon
Earn 150 assists
Heal 1,000,000 damage
Heal back to full life after dropping below 100 health
Kill an enemy that an ally has debuffed
Get a Kill with an Assist from a Squad member, and vice versa with the same player
Kill 25 enemies while in a Squad
Kill 3 or more enemies in under 10 seconds
Kill 2 enemies within 1 second
Kill an enemy while dead
Win 25 games of Team Deathmatch
Kill 100 enemies in Team Deathmatch
Win 25 games of Team Elimination
Finish 10 Team Elimination matches without dying
Eliminate a player in Team Elimination with a Fighter Jet
Shoot down a Fighter Jet in Team Elimination
Defeat a wave of Havoc in less than 45 seconds
Defeat wave 10 in Havoc
Win 25 games of Onslaught
Destroy 10 Command Ships in Onslaught
Add a Tier II ship from Oberon, Jupiter Arms, and Akula Vektor to your Fleet
Add a fully researched ship to your Fleet
Win a game with a Veteran Fleet
Win a game with a Legendary Fleet
Add a Tier V ship to your Fleet
Customize your captain's appearance
Customize a ship's appearance