Downwell Trophy List

Done Well Done Well
Completed all other trophies.
Careful Descent Careful Descent
Complete a level without taking damage.
Time Never Stops Time Never Stops
Complete a level without visiting siderooms.
Mottainai Mottainai
Complete a level without shooting.
Wow Combo Wow Combo
Land a 10 combo.
Whoa Combo Whoa Combo
Land a 30 combo.
Masterful Descent Masterful Descent
Complete an area without taking damage.
Bye Frogs Bye Frogs
Beat the first area.
Bye Ghosts Bye Ghosts
Beat the second area.
Bye Squids Bye Squids
Beat the third area
Bye Stuff Bye Stuff
Beat the fourth area.
Bye Well Bye Well
Beat the boss.
Pacifist Pacifist
Complete a level without killing any enemy.
Ground Allergy Ground Allergy
Complete a level without landing.
Sugoi Combo Sugoi Combo
Land a 100 combo.
Saving Up Saving Up
Have more than 3000 gems.
Clean Boots Clean Boots
Complete an area without landing.
So Many Frogs So Many Frogs
Beat the first area (hard mode).
So Many Ghosts So Many Ghosts
Beat the second area (hard mode).
So Many Squids So Many Squids
Beat the third area (hard mode).
So Much Stuff So Much Stuff
Beat the fourth area (hard mode).
Well Master Well Master
Beat the boss (hard mode).
Frugality Frugality
Have more than 5000 gems.