Dollar Dash Trophy List

Thief Thief
Steal $1000 in a single match from other players.
Capo Capo
Acquire rank Capo.
Boss Boss
Acquire rank Boss.
Fully loaded Fully loaded
Buy every shop item.
Boulder Dash Boulder Dash
In an online game, hit 3 human players with a single boulder.
Tight Win Tight Win
Win an online match with a lead of $100.
Highest Rank Highest Rank
Acquire highest rank.
Homerun Homerun
In an online game, deposit a full bag of $1000 at the getaway car.
Master of Dollar Dash Master of Dollar Dash
Win 5 games or finish 20 games in mode Dollar Dash (online).
Master of Hit'n'Run Master of Hit'n'Run
Win 5 games or finish 20 games in mode Hit'n'Run (online).
Master of the Safe! Master of the Safe!
Win 5 games or finish 20 games in mode Save the Safe (online).
Untouchable Untouchable
Win one game in Mode Hit'n'Run without beeing knocked out by other players (online).
Missile Defense System Missile Defense System
Bounce a nuke with Jelly.
Boxer Boxer
Knock out an opponent with melee attacks.
Drunkard Drunkard
Suffer beer damage 10 times in a single match.
Inseparable Inseparable
Win a Save the Safe match without losing the safe (online).
Taunted Taunted
Use both taunts and win an online match.
Magpie escape Magpie escape
Outrun a magpie.
Customized Customized
Win an online game with a custom hat, face & dance.
My first robbery My first robbery
Complete the Boot Camp.