Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Trophy List

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Collect all Trophies
Press 10 TARDIS console buttons
Scan 10 objects
Collect 5 Hats
Collect 5 Diary pages
Collect 10 Hats
Collect 10 Diary pages
Collect 20 Hats
Collect 20 Diary pages
Use the gold bullion crate to smash your way out of the Bank of England
Escape the Stormcage without being detected
Kiss 6 Stormcage Guards
Escape Stormcage in 8 minutes
Beat the Cybermen to the Underground refugee camp
Defeat the Cybermen in the Underground refugee camp
Stun 5 Cybermen
Re-route the gas pipe plans in Victorian London
Open the security door in the office block
Re-route the thermionic consoles in the Cyberfactory
Finish the Cyberfactory in 20 minutes
Lower the drawbridge on Old London Bridge
Collect the Stasis Field Generator in the Silence Base
Finish return to Victorian London in 15 minutes
Sonic disarm 5 Silurians
Wake up River in the tomb
Outwit the Silence without being checkpointed
Defeat Vekkis
Outwit the Strategist Dalek
Quick-shoot 5 Daleks
Power-shoot 5 Daleks
Discover the statue in the Elizabethan quadrangle
Activate the crane winch in Old St. Pauls
Defeat the Silence and steal their time capsule
Find the TARDIS in the Dalek time lock
Send the Dalek Supreme to Antarctica
Finish time-locked London in 20 minutes
Shoot the Emperor Dalek in the eyestalk
Defeat the Emperor of the Daleks
Complete Data Link puzzle in 60 seconds
Complete Re-router puzzle in 60 seconds
Complete Mind Map puzzle on Medium or Hard in 60 seconds
Complete a Time Corridor in 2 minutes
Complete the game
Complete the game in 300 minutes
Complete the game on puzzle medium difficulty
Complete the game on puzzle hard
Collect all the Diary Pages
Collect all the Hats