Trophy List

Sing It All Sing It All
Win all pins and ribbons
Dedication Dedication
Finish 100 songs in any mode
Multi-Millionaire Multi-Millionaire
Accumulate a total of 100,000,000 points in Solo mode
Master of All Master of All
Complete all Sing It Pro lessons with a Pro rating
Shining Showdown Shining Showdown
Reach a combined total of 7,000,000 points in a single multi-round, multiplayer game
Harmonizer Harmonizer
Complete 60% of Hidden Harmonies where songs have them
Consistently Awesome Consistently Awesome
Achieve or witness 10 Sing It Superstar ratings in a row on different songs, in any mode.
Natural Flair Natural Flair
Achieve at least 50% Flair in every song
Millionaire Millionaire
Score 1,000,000 or more in "It's Amazing"
The Big Reveal The Big Reveal
Find 80% of the Hidden Harmonies in "How Do You Sleep?"
All Flaired Up All Flaired Up
Reach Maximum Flair in "When You Look Me In The Eyes"
Raise The Bar Raise The Bar
Successfully predict 700,000 points or more on "7 Things"
Master of Many Master of Many
Complete the Sing It Pro Masterclass
Riff Rider Riff Rider
Complete Topic 4 in Sing It Pro
Tag Team Tag Team
Complete Topic 3 in Sing It Pro
Note Pro Note Pro
Complete Topic 2 in Sing It Pro
Breathe Right Breathe Right
Complete Topic 1 in Sing It Pro
Master of Some Master of Some
Unlock Topic 5: Masterclass
Sing It Superstar Sing It Superstar
Achieve Sing It Superstar ratings on at least 10 songs
Bonus Guru Bonus Guru
Get every Bonus at least once
Secrets Revealed Secrets Revealed
Get a Harmony Bonus in every song that has Hidden Harmonies
Banquet for Two Banquet for Two
Finish 10 songs in Duet mode
Long Note Long Note
Hold a note for 5 seconds in "Warwick Avenue"
On Your Own Score On Your Own Score
Score 250,000 points in You're On Your Own! mode during "The Climb"
On Your Own On Your Own
Play "La La Land" in You're On Your Own! mode
Tag Tag
Tag 10 songs as favorites
Party Planner Party Planner
Finish all 30 songs in multiplayer mode
Explorer Explorer
Finish a song in every mode at least once
Song Book Song Book
Sing all 30 songs in any mode
Name in Lights Name in Lights
Get on the high score table on every song
Sing It Better Sing It Better
Pass 2 Lessons in Sing It Pro
Number 1 Number 1
Get to number one on the high score table with "Change"
Riding the Waves Riding the Waves
Get 90% of the curved notes in "Get Back"
Up on High Up on High
Get on the high score table with "Bubbly"
Lip Sync Lip Sync
Get all the spoken words spot on in "Hoedown Throwdown"
Super Duo Super Duo
Sing "Hold On" in Duet mode and get a Sing It Superstar rating
Harmony Hunter Harmony Hunter
Find 50% of the Hidden Harmonies in "S.O.S."
SuperStardom SuperStardom
Get a Sing It Superstar rating in "Don't Forget"
Such Flair Such Flair
Reach 50% Flair in "Lovebug"
Pure Talent Pure Talent
Score a Pure Pop Star or better in "Sneakernight"
Complete "7 Things" in Single Mic Duet mode
Tough Time Tough Time
Play "Burnin' Up" on the hardest difficulty level
Showdown Shakedown Showdown Shakedown
Finish "Violet Hill" in 2P Showdown mode
Enhanced Enhanced
Use Sing It Encore and enhance "Get Back"
Bonus Harmony Bonus Harmony
Score a Hidden Harmony bonus in "Emergency"
Accurate Accurate
Score an accuracy bonus in "Realize"
Wrap it Up Wrap it Up
Score some rap points in "Sneakernight"
Curly Curly
Get 65% of the curved notes in "Hold On"
Harmonize Harmonize
Find a Hidden Harmony in "I'm Only Me When I'm With You"
Get Style Get Style
Win some Flair in "Fly On The Wall"