Trophy List

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Collect every Trophy
Earn 5 Sidekicks
Feed a Sidekick 50 times
Harvest 100 plants
Complete 5 Feats
Complete 25 Feats
Complete 50 Feats
Complete 75 Feats
Save a Toy Box
Play all Toy Box Adventures
Play a downloaded UGC in the theater
Complete all Toy Box and INterior tutorials
Build a 20-room INterior
Reveal all the terrain in the Hub World
Throw a party for your friends in one of the designated Sidekick Rooms
Participate in 10 Arcade Matches
Defeat another player's Character
Participate in an Arcade Match
Play a Toy Box with 2 players
Purchase 100 toys from the Toy Store
Earn 10 Toy Presents in the Hub World