Trophy List

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Collect every Trophy.
Level up 1 Character to Level 20.
Level up 2 Characters to Level 20.
Unlock 30 Character skills from the Skill Tree.
Visit the Hall of Heroes.
Ride a mount and a motorcycle, drive a car, and pilot a flying vehicle.
Download 5 user-generated games.
Link 5 Toy Boxes together with Toy Box Doors.
Publish your own Toy Box Game.
Defeat 100 enemies.
Defeat 500 enemies.
Save 4 Toy Boxes.
Play a 4-player game.
Defeat another player's Character.
Defeat another player's Character 40 times.
Complete 10 Feats.
Complete 25 Feats.
Complete 50 Feats.
Complete 90 Feats.
Purchase a full page of toys from the Toy Store.
Purchase 100 toys.
Play a Toy Box Game with 2 players.
Unlock 5 sidekicks.
Collect 50 pieces of equipment for your sidekicks.
Place 50 traps in Assault on Asgard or Stitch's Tropical Rescue.
Complete Exploration Survival Mode.
Complete all INterior tutorials.
Build a 10-room INterior.
Purchase 25 INterior decorations from the Toy Store.
Purchase 50 INterior decorations from the Toy Store.