Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Trophy List

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Earned all other trophies in the game
Acquired a Collectible Pin for the first time
Befriended the Blotworx and helped Petetronic
Mickey revived Oswald while playing co-op
Found 88 Collectible Pins
Defeated the Blotworx Dragon
Collected every Costume
Changed costumes for the first time
Entered Angel Falls, exited Devil Falls
Collected every 2D Film Reel
Scouted a path through Fort Wasteland
Chased Prescott through the Floatyard
Solved OsTown's Thinner problem
Rescued all the gremlins
Reprogrammed a Beetleworx
Got through Ventureland's construction area
Matched Seth's flowers to OsTown's statue
Built both statues in OsTown
Destroyed 50 enemies
Finished Yen Sid's Lab
Ignored Daisy AND Smee's suggestions
Collected 176 Collectible Pins
Revealed every knothole surprise
Shuttered all four train stations
Finished Dark Beauty Castle with two players
Finished all quests
Got all three of Metairie's pictures
Befriended 100 enemies
Restarted the Rainbow Falls Substation
Completed a race in Autotopia
Befriended 50 enemies
Photographed every enemy
Got through Blot Alley by any means
Dealt with all the Guardian Siphons
Got all Adelle's photos from the official Picture Spots
Awakened every Spirit
Defeated Prescott's mechanical creation
Destroyed 100 enemies
Opened the way to Blot Alley
Braved Disney Gulch
Dealt with all 3 dioramas
Played through every D.E.C.
Navigated both halves of Mean Street
Awakened a Spirit
Painted every star and comet in Yen Sid's Lab
Defeated the Mad Doctor's new ride
Found a way through the Rainbow Caverns