Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Trophy List

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Requirement: Complete all other trophies. You collected all the trophies! Congratulations! Please continue down your path to greatness!
Requirement: Defeat Pringer X in LoC Mode. You are the King of Chaos!
Requirement: Collect all items (excluding grades). Now aim for completing all the grades, too!
Requirement: Defeat Pringer X. This can't be the last Pringer... There has to be more...
Requirement: Clear all Cave of Ordeals maps. Your journey has only just begun... Your endless journey...
Requirement: Defeat an Item God. What do you need all these item upgrades for anyway?
Requirement: Watch every Special Skill animation. This is for those who don’t skip.
Requirement: Dish out 100,000,000 damage. You answered the call for more power!!! *grunt* *grunt* *grunt*
Requirement: Watch the opening movie. Please enjoy Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness!
Requirement: Clear Episode 1.
Requirement: Clear Episode 2.
Requirement: Clear Episode 3.
Requirement: Clear Episode 4.
Requirement: Clear Episode 5.
Requirement: Clear Episode 6.
Requirement: Clear Episode 7.
Requirement: Clear Episode 8.
Requirement: Clear Episode 9.
Requirement: Clear the Final Episode.
Requirement: Make Asagi join your party. I'm the Idol of the Future!
Requirement: Make Porkmeister join your party. In order to become an Overlord!
Requirement: Make Petta join your party. Where has father gone?
Requirement: Defeat Darkdeath Evilman. Being Etna's vassal is one of the most physically straining jobs in the Netherworld.
Requirement: Make Valvatorez and Fenrich join your party. Just eat more sardines!
Requirement: Make Axel join your party. This is the birth of the Super Dark Hero!
Requirement: Make Artina join your party. I was planning on going home right after collecting the money...
Requirement: Make Emizel join your party. I'm telling Father about this!
Requirement: Make Barbara join your party in the Post-Game. Master Cat will guide me!
Requirement: Dish out 100,000 damage. This much damage should... What!?
Requirement: Create a character. I will follow you!
Requirement: Mount a character. Where to?
Requirement: Defeat some pirates. Avast, I shall drive ye back!
Requirement: Use force to persuade the Dark Assembly. A true demon forces his will on everyone.
Requirement: Go to a bonus stage. Mwahahaha! Take it all!
Requirement: Nullify all Geo Panels on a map. That gives such a great feeling of accomplishment.
Requirement: Use a Mounted Skill. Two people, working together...
Requirement: Lose all your units in battle and lose. I won't give up!
Requirement: Use a Mounted Skill with two characters that have max likeability. The two of us can do it!
Requirement: Have ten characters reach Max likeability at any given point. What is love!? This is love.
Requirement: Protect 10 attacks. I will protect you!
Requirement: Perform 100 Support Attacks. I'll give you a hand, so take it!
Requirement: Watch 100 battle conversations. People have a lot to talk about, even in battle.
Requirement: Jump 1,000 times. Jumping is so much fun!
Requirement: Perform 100 Combos. Don't even let them think about counter attacking!
Requirement: Perform 100 Team Attacks. There's not much to fear as long as we're together!
Requirement: Use the Cheat Shop 10 times. Cheat your way to the top!
Requirement: Change the character you control at the base. You're the main character now, dog!
Requirement: Open 100 treasure chests. The moment when you open a treasure is so exciting!
Requirement: Pay out 100,000,000 HL in bribes. Pay your dues.
Requirement: Pass the Bill to get Girl Laharl. So...you like Laharl as a girl?
Requirement: Make a 10 Prinny explosion chain. Be careful when handling explosives.
Requirement: Collect all Save Icons. One more time.
Requirement: Make a ten character tower. Being the one at the very top is pretty scary.
Requirement: Level up a Demon Dojo Training type. Your training has only just begun.
Requirement: Talk to NPC characters at the base 1,000 times. Sparking conversations is the first step to friendship.
Requirement: Travel 42.195 km. Even the longest journey begins with a single step.
Requirement: Make DLC character Adell join your party. That's just my style!
Requirement: Make DLC character Rozalin join your party. Surely you must recognize this emblem of the four-leaf clover!
Requirement: Make DLC character Lilliel join your party. Would you like to become God?
Requirement: Make DLC character Mao join your party. Don't make me fix you up!
Requirement: Make DLC character Raspberyl join your party. Brush your teeth twice a day!
Requirement: Make DLC character Salvatore join your party. Superior orders are absolute!
Requirement: Make DLC character Zetta join your party. The strongest in the entire cosmos stands before you.
Requirement: Make DLC character Pram join your party. You're about to say...
Requirement: Make DLC character Alex join your party. I don't even need some lame hammer!
Requirement: Make DLC character Ash join your party. You'll go no further! For her sake, I will not fail!
Requirement: Make DLC character Marona join your party. Valiant Phantoms, aid me in battle! Chartreuse Gale!
Requirement: Make DLC character Metallia join your party. I will cover the world with swamps!
Requirement: Make DLC character Overlord Priere join your party. Might makes right, and I'm the mightiest!
Requirement: Make DLC character Priere join your party. Confess!
Requirement: Make DLC character Eclair join your party. The Princess has arrived!
Requirement: Make DLC character Nisa join your party. Don't call me flat!
Requirement: Make DLC character Gig join your party. I am the all-powerful Gig!
Requirement: Make DLC character Plume join your party. The Battle Princess has arrived!