D/Generation Trophy List

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Achieved all trophies
Walk 1000 steps
Walk 5000 steps
Walk 100,000 steps
Kill a survivor
Kill 10 survivors
Kill all survivors
Finished the game
Finished the game after saving everyone and clearing all rooms
Finished the game in under par time
Delivered the package to Derrida!
Escaped just as the tower was being destroyed!
The tower came down on top of you!
The DGen stole your jetpack!
The DGen killed you and then escaped!
Swallowed by an A-Gen
Crushed by a B-Gen
Touched by a C-Gen
Murdered by the D-Gen
Shot by a worm!
Electrocuted 10 times
Electrocuted 100 times
Killed once on your delivery
Killed 100 times on your delivery
Killed an A-Gen
Killed a B-Gen
Killed a C-Gen
Killed the D-Gen!
Throw 10 grenades
Killed by your own bomb
Used your gun for the first time!
Used your freeze ray for the first time!
Activated your shield for the first time!
Saved one person. It's something I guess?
Saved an entire floor!
Destroyed everything on a single floor
Destroyed everything within the tower
Picked up one security key!
Collected all the items!