Detective Gallo Trophy List

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Don't acknowledge any merits, unless they're your own.
That taxi driver picked up his last fare…
Cocktails go to my head.
A real badass always know when to be sweet.
Ridicolous little green men…
There's only his stench left…
When you are a heavy sleeper…
I like counting on my best friend.
What's a smuggler without a business card?
Now I figured out what Latin is good for.
It's always fun to threaten Earth…
Maybe as a side job…
What's a detective without his instincts?
Who was that, Mario?
The animals must respect other animals.
Speed is my middle name.
There's nothing like the old school.
Never stop. Never.
Assistants are born, not made.
Doubt is the source of wisdom.
Cutlery smuggling.
Got the cocktail in one.
Those game designers are crazy…
Here's the proper use of the money.
When the going gets rough...
Applause, please.