Destroy All Humans! Trophy List

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Unlock all other trophies.
Collect all Probes.
Collect all Probes in Santa Modesta.
Collect all Probes in Rockwell.
Collect all Probes in Turnipseed Farm.
Collect all Probes in Area-42.
Collect all Probes in Union Town.
Collect all Probes in Capitol City.
Complete all side missions in Turnipseed Farm.
Complete all side missions in Rockwell.
Complete all side missions in Santa Modesta.
Complete all side missions in Area 42.
Complete all side missions in Union Town.
Complete all side missions in Capitol City.
Complete "Destination Earth!"
Complete "Citizen Crypto."
Complete "The Island Suburbia."
Complete "Suburb of the Damned."
Complete "Duck and Cover!"
Complete "Armiquist vs. the Furons!"
Complete "Attack of the 50 Ft. President!"
Complete a side mission with the Bulletproof Crypto code enabled.
Collect a total of 50,000 DNA without using the Mmm… Brains! Cheat.
Fully upgrade the Zap-O-Matic.
Fully upgrade the Disintegrator Ray.
Fully upgrade the Ion Detonator.
Fully upgrade Psychokinesis.
Fully upgrade the saucer's Death Ray.
Fully upgrade the saucer's Sonic Boom.
Fully upgrade the saucer's Quantum Deconstructor.
Achieve 100% completion.
Tip 100 cows.
Kill a total of 1,000 humans.
Destroy 500 vehicles.
Assume 40 identities.
Extract 250 brains from living humans.
Assassinate 50 politicians.