Demons Age Trophy List

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Obtain All Trophies
You now have a chance to redeem yourself from past sins.
You hired your first companion.
Never trust a mercenary.
Collected 10.000 gold.
You spent 10.000 gold in purchases. The economy flows.
You defeated the Undead Goblin King. He now rests in pieces.
You defeated Count Millford. Now he has lost his head for good.
You defeated the Orc King. He chose his allies…poorly.
You defeated Count Zulok. Finally someone put an end to that smug bastard.
You defeated King Galdrum. The ghost of the proud King may now rest in peace as he relinquishes his most prized possession.
You defeated the High Emissary. His schemes and machinations accomplished him nothing.
You defeated Vazuhr, the Lord of Darkness. The land is once again free from the dark oppressor.
You visited all the Inns in the World Map.
Completed 10 Notice Board quests.
Completed 20 Notice Board quests.
Completed All the Notice Board quests.
You helped the mage Kaldulor restore the Monolith’s powers. [Suicidal Mode]
Hired 8 adveturers.
You helped the mage Kaldulor restore the Monolith’s power but at a great cost. [Suicidal Mode]
Killed 60 orcs.
Killed 100 soldiers of the Order.
You brought the last seal stone to the depths of Soturr and the Monolith can be restored. [Suicidal Mode]