Demon Gaze Trophy List

Demon Gazer Demon Gazer
Thanks for playing!
Trapped Soul Trapped Soul
Defeated the Star Demon, Comet!
Flames of Rage Flames of Rage
Defeated the Fire Demon, Mars!
Protector of the Grave Protector of the Grave
Defeated the Earth Demon, Chronos!
Prince of the Forest Prince of the Forest
Defeated the Wind Demon, Hermes!
Healing Water Healing Water
Defeated the Water Demon, Neptune!
The Beautiful Woman The Beautiful Woman
Defeated the Beauty Demon, Venus!
And it is magic. And it is magic.
Defeated the Evil Demon, Astro!
Electricity Trick Electricity Trick
Defeated the Lightning Demon, Jupiter!
Light of Arrogance Light of Arrogance
Defeated the Light Demon, Uranus!
Bewitching Gaze Bewitching Gaze
Defeated the Darkness Demon, Pluto!
Duel of the Counterparts Duel of the Counterparts
Defeated the Moon Demon, Luna!
Peace of the Land Peace of the Land
Defeated the Archangel of Darkness!
Keeping the Keeper Keeping the Keeper
Defeated the Destiny Demon, Aries!
Trial of God Trial of God
Defeated the Demon of Time, Quasar!
Under the Sea Under the Sea
Entered Blue City
The Closed Castle The Closed Castle
Entered Grimodar Castle
Royal Paradise Royal Paradise
Entered King's Eden
The Transporter The Transporter
Activated a Gate Stone
Your Name Here Your Name Here
Rented a Room
One Happy Family One Happy Family
Became Friends with Pinay
Are These Feelings...? Are These Feelings...?
Became Friends with Prometh
Shark Party's Over Shark Party's Over
Defeated Lord Shark
Attack the Inn Attack the Inn
Defeated Midgardsormr
The Treasure Within The Treasure Within
Defeated the Midgard Heart
King Dar's Ring King Dar's Ring
Got the Ring of the Three Treasures
Demon Slayer! Demon Slayer!
Got the Sword of the Three Treasures
The Aegis in the Mirror The Aegis in the Mirror
Get the Shield of the Three Treasures
Pay Up Pay Up
Paid Rent for the First Time
Model Resident Model Resident
Got the Ultimate Renter's Award
The Disgrace Award The Disgrace Award
Owed Rent Money
The Ultimate Gear The Ultimate Gear
Strengthened a Normal Item to Max
Supreme Gear Supreme Gear
Strengthened a Unique Item to Max
The First 100 Deaths The First 100 Deaths
Won 100 Battles
1,000 Battles In 1,000 Battles In
Won 1,000 Battles
Monster Masher Monster Masher
Killed 1,000 Monsters
Industrial Monster Masher Industrial Monster Masher
Killed 3,000 Monsters
Muramasa Muramasa
Got the Muramasa
Beyond Muramasa Beyond Muramasa
Got the Big Muramasa
Antiquing Antiquing
Got the Effect of Furniture
Seasonal Change Seasonal Change
Changed Your Looks