Defiance 2050 Trophy List

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Complete all other trophies
Complete the tutorial
Kill Nim
Complete a co-op map
Complete all co-op maps
Complete your first pursuit in the Bay Area
Complete 10 pursuits in the Bay Area
Complete 20 pursuits in the Bay Area
Complete a daily contract
Complete 4 weekly contracts
Max out reputation with 1 faction
Max out reputation with 4 factions
Complete your first minor arkfall in the Bay Area
Complete your first major arkfall in the Bay Area
Complete 10 major arkfalls in the Bay Area
Max out 4 classes
Fully upgrade a class ability
Max out a class
Get to EGO level 10
Get to EGO level 50
Equip your first legendary weapon
Reach level 20 in any weapon skill
Kill 10,000 enemies
Revive another player outside the tutorial
Capture 50 points in PvP
Kill 100 players in PvP
Jump a total of 5 kilometers with vehicles
Cross the Golden Gate Bridge
Complete the "Thorn Liro Thawandaye II" pursuit
Kill the Volge Warmaster and a Volge Huntmaster
Complete 25 sieges
Complete the "The Defiant Few II" pursuit
Complete "The Lion's Claw II" pursuit