Defense Technica Trophy List

Tower Specialist Tower Specialist
Unlock all towers.
Planet Exploration Planet Exploration
Unlock all stages.
Spy Spy
Check information on all enemies.
Big Trader Big Trader
Sell more than 10 towers in one stage.
Silver Spoon Silver Spoon
Save more than 5000 resources when clearing a stage.
Genocide Genocide
Destroy more than 30 enemy units in 5 seconds.
Masochist Masochist
Get 5 towers destroyed by enemies in a stage.
Die-hard Die-hard
Clear a stage with less than 5% Core HP.
Renaissance Man Renaissance Man
Clear a stage by building all types and all levels of towers.
Maze Master Maze Master
Make an enemy's path longer than 250 meters by blocking with towers.
Top Scorer Top Scorer
Get more than 300,000 points when clearing a stage.
Munchkin Munchkin
Clear all stages with 100% Core HP.(HARDCORE)