Deer Simulator Trophy List

Level Progression- Monster Buck Level Progression- Monster Buck
Survive and grow to the largest antler size buck.
Level Progression- Dominant Buck Level Progression- Dominant Buck
Survive to become a dominant buck.
Level Progression- Mature Buck Level Progression- Mature Buck
Survive to become a mature buck.
Level Progression- First Advancement Level Progression- First Advancement
Survive first level advancement.
First Buck Victory First Buck Victory
First buck defeated in fight.
First Doe Bred First Doe Bred
First doe caught and successfully bred.
First Coyote Defeated First Coyote Defeated
First coyote successfully defeated using antler charge.
Exploration- Find old truck Exploration- Find old truck
Awarded for finding either of two old trucks.
Exploration- Find Brick Lodge Exploration- Find Brick Lodge
Awarded for finding the brick lodge.
Exploration- Find Wind Mill Exploration- Find Wind Mill
Awarded for finding the wind mill.
Exploration- Pine Forest Exploration- Pine Forest
Awarded for discovery of the Pine Forest zone.
Exploration- Hardwood Forest Exploration- Hardwood Forest
Awarded for discovery of the Hardwood Forest zone.
Exploration- Aspen Woods Exploration- Aspen Woods
Awarded for discovery of the Aspen Woods zone.
Exploration- Black Timber Forest Exploration- Black Timber Forest
Awarded for discovery of the Black Timber zone.