Death Track: Resurrection Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies.
Kill your first enemy.
Demolish your first building.
Make your first jump.
Win your first race.
Buy your first upgrade.
Buy your first weapon.
Buy your first car.
Get in top 5 pilots in Scenario mode.
Finish Scenario mode.
Win European Championship.
Win Asian Championship.
Win American Championship.
Play your first multiplayer game.
Win your first multiplayer race.
Win 50 races in multiplayer.
Win 100 single player or multiplayer races.
Win any championship final race on hard difficulty level using stock upgrades and first level weapons.
Reach 400 kph in any race.
Finish Tokyo in Scenario mode without dying.
Get 75000 points with one jump.
Get 200000 points with one nitro acceleration.
Kill 500 enemies in single player or multiplayer races.
Win 5 single player or multiplayer races (not in Race or Drag modes) avoiding enemy's mines and spikes.
Get 1000000 credits on account.
Get 50 Archangel statuses.
Get 50 Megakiller statuses.
Complete all basic challenges.
Complete all challenges.
Kill Chamorro in Vatican in Scenario mode.
Win all scenario races on hard difficulty level without dying.
Unlock all cars, upgrades and weapons.
Complete 100% of the game.