Death Squared Trophy List

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They Said It Wasn't Doable, They Said It Can't Be Done, You Destroyed Every Cubicle, Every Trophy You Have Won! Mad Respect From Everyone At SMG Studios.
Die 10 times
Die 100 times
Die 250 times
Die 999 times
Complete 1 Story level
Complete 10 Story levels
Complete 20 Story levels
Complete 40 Story levels
Complete 60 Story levels
Finish the Story
Complete a Party level
Complete 10 Party levels
Finished the Party
Complete 3 levels in a row without dying
Complete 6 levels in a row without dying
Complete 9 levels in a row without dying
Die 50 times in a single level
Skip the intro
Find a secret item
Find 5 secret items
Find 10 secret items
Make All 4 players dance at same time
Make All 4 players die at same time
Viewed the credits. Thanks!
Customized your bot