DeadCore Trophy List

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Studying your environment can save your life… if you’re lucky!
Get knocked back 5 times consecutively by a Trooper without respawning.
Complete Story mode.
Activate and use 3 Jumpers in a row without touching the ground.
Perform a fall of 500 meters.
Complete a Spark in Speedrun mode.
Complete a level without dying or performing a quick respawn.
Complete a level without deactivating any enemy.
Perform a Double-jump and 5 Dashes without hitting the ground.
Complete a level without being hit by an enemy.
Beat the developers’ time on a Spark in Speedrun mode.
Obtain 100% precision on a map.
Find every Spark.
Find all the developers’ Logs.
Find all the Power-Ups
Find all the tracks
Find all the logs
Unlock the game’s true ending.
Complete all maps in Speedrun mode
Complete a full Cycle within an hour.
Beat the developers’ time on every Speedrun mode map.