DEADBOLT Trophy List

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Earn every trophy.
Beat the entire game within 1 hour without quitting.
Beat the entire game without dying or quitting.
Get a five star rating on every mission.
Clear a stage with only headshot kills.
Clear the first mission.
Kill an undead... using the toilet.
Buy a weapon from Charon.
Collect all memory tapes.
Clear a stage with only melee weapons.
Kill Puff without using the Tommy Gun.
Melee a Bouncer to death.
Clear 'The Bogeyman' without being seen.
Clear all Zombie Kingz missions.
Kill a vampire mid-air.
Clear 'The Bloody Mary' without letting any vampires revive.
Kill Amber with a melee weapon, and Evelyn with a ranged weapon.
Clear all 1000 Year Royals missions.
Kill a Sergeant mid-spin.
Destroy a body as it's being revived.
Clear 'Timur The Tinkerer' with only trap kills.
Clear all Dredged missions.
Clear Vall's nest using only headshots.
Clear 'Ibzan' without being seen once.