Dead Star Trophy List

Lord of the Wastes Lord of the Wastes
Earn all available trophies for Dead Star. "Look upon my works and weep."
Fresh Meat Fresh Meat
Complete the Loadout, Piloting, and Conquest tutorials. "Welcome to The Wastes."
Killer Killer
Kill an enemy player. "The first of many."
Reaper Reaper
Kill 100 enemy players. "And you shall know me by the trail of dead."
Blood God Blood God
Kill 500 enemy players. "I am death incarnate."
En Fuego En Fuego
Get a Kill Streak of 5. "I figure I could keep doing this all day."
Untouchable Untouchable
Get a Kill Streak of 10. "I reckon if you want to keep dying, I'll oblige."
Accomplice Accomplice
Assist in 100 enemy kills. "A good friend will help you move. A great friend will help you move a body."
Trigger Jockey Trigger Jockey
Reach Ship Level 10 in a match. "Now I know what all these buttons do."
Inmate Inmate
Reach Pilot Level 10. "Pretty soon, I’ll run this whole joint."
Lifer Lifer
Reach Pilot Level 50. "Ain't nobody tougher than me."
Quick Shot McGee Quick Shot McGee
Earn the first kill in a match. "Y'all too slow. Also yer dead."
Dominator Dominator
Earn the Domination Tactical Action. "No mercy for the weak."
Grave Digger Grave Digger
Earn the Payback Tactical Action. "If I die, I'm sure as hell taking you with me."
Commander Commander
Earn Assault, Defense, Shutdown, and Conquest Tactical Actions in a single match. "You see all this? This is MINE."
Big Fish Big Fish
Finish a match on the winning team. "Guess there's a new sheriff in town. A sheriff of killin' idiots like you."
Biggest Fish Biggest Fish
Finish a match on the winning team 50 times. "There ain't another in the 'verse as good as me."
Skull Crusher Skull Crusher
Earn a Decisive Victory. "We don't just win, we crush skulls."
Soul Eater Soul Eater
Earn 10 Decisive Victories. "We don't just win, we eat souls."
Claim Jumper Claim Jumper
Upgrade Outposts with 10000 Ore. "So where do you want me to put all this stuff?"
New Homeowner New Homeowner
Capture an Outpost. "Them last folks ain't getting their security deposit back."
Control Freak Control Freak
Capture 50 Outposts. "I am the master of all I survey."
Ender of Things Ender of Things
Destroy a home base in Conquest mode. "The last thing they'll see is my smiling face."
Red Leader Red Leader
Earn 2000 Kill / Assists points in a single match. "I don't plan on leaving a single one'a them still breathin'."
Tactician Tactician
Earn 2000 Tactical Action points in a single match. "Everyone has a plan until they get a rocket in the face."
Handyman Handyman
Earn 2000 Outpost Upgrades points in a single match. "You get all the glory, but I make this heap WORK."
Junkyard Dog Junkyard Dog
Earn 2000 Guardian Scrap points in a single match. "That's one more for the scrap heap."
Team Player Team Player
Earn 2000 Match Bonus points in a single match. "It was a team effort. Mostly."
Ace Ace
Earn every Ace Pilot Reward. "I am the pilot king, I can do anything."
Big Game Hunter Big Game Hunter
Destroy a Capital Ship Structure. "Harvest the best, scrap the rest."
Giant Killer Giant Killer
Destroy a Capital Ship. "The bigger they are the harder they fall."
Contract Runner Contract Runner
Successfully complete a Capital Ship Escape Run as the Contract Owner. "Best in the 'verse, guaranteed."
Dead Eye Dead Eye
Kill 100 enemy players with the Marksman. "No need to rush, I brought enough missiles for everyone."
Alpha Dog Alpha Dog
Kill 100 enemy players with the Bulldog. "I can kill you up close or a mile away. Your choice."
Annihilator Annihilator
Kill 100 enemy players with the Vindicator. "I love to watch them burn."
Close Shave Close Shave
Kill 100 enemy players with the Razor. "Anyone else want a slice? I'm buying."
Sneaky McSneakerson Sneaky McSneakerson
Kill 100 enemy players with the Stalker. "They never see it coming."
Kill Shot Kill Shot
Kill 100 enemy players with the Leviathan. "One shot, one kill."
Bug Zapper Bug Zapper
Kill 100 enemy players with the Herald. "I am shocked. Shocked that they lived that long."
Overseer Overseer
Kill 100 enemy players with the Warden. "Look at me, all up in yer business."
Hanging Judge Hanging Judge
Kill 100 enemy players with the Justicar. "Judge. Jury. And my favorite...Executioner."
Certified Pilot Certified Pilot
Fly any ship for 10 hours. "Fly all night, don't stop 'til your eyes bleed."
Constructor Constructor
Craft a component in the Recycler. "What does this button do?"
Shapeshifter Shapeshifter
Finish a match with a non-default pilot portrait. "Smile for the camera."
Modder Modder
Augment a ship. "What the hell's a samoflange?"
Gear Head Gear Head
Fully Augment a ship system. "Now we're cooking with gas. Space gas."
Chrome King Chrome King
Reach Augment Level 25 on a single ship. "She's shiny and fast and runs like hellfire."
Fresh Coat Fresh Coat
Finish a match with a non-default paint style. "I may not know much about art, but I know what I like!"