Dead Hungry Trophy List

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Collect all Dead Hungry trophies.
Beat the first stage.
Beat a stage with three stars.
Beat stage 10.
Beat stage 20.
Beat stage 30.
Beat every stage.
Beat all stages with three stars.
Change the tape in the radio.
Make a burger over one meter tall.
Make a burger worth 2,000 points or more.
Remove the light bulb.
Beat stage 7.
Beat 10 stages with three stars.
Beat 20 stages with three stars.
Revive 100 zombies.
Revive 1,000 zombies.
Defeat a Mega Zombie with one burger.
Use the Hannya Mask and Noh Mask in one burger.
Use an egg and the Chicken Wing in the same burger.
Throw an item 15 meters.