Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition Trophy List

Win your first career race.
Welcome to the bigtime! Welcome to the bigtime!
Start new career as a rookie.
You are now a Pro! You are now a Pro!
Qualify for The Sprint.
Droppin' The Hammer Droppin' The Hammer
Use Hammer 100 times in singleplayer.
Eyes on The Prize Eyes on The Prize
Use Focus 100 times in singleplayer.
Millionaire Millionaire
Make your first million.
Sellout Sellout
Unlock your first sponsor.
The Chase is On The Chase is On
Qualify for The Chase.
Full Throttle Full Throttle
Max out a car's performance points.
World Champion World Champion
Complete a full career.
Everyone wants a piece of you Everyone wants a piece of you
Unlock all sponsors.
Demolition Demolition
Earn over 9000 points in Derby mode.
Paint Bucket Paint Bucket
Unlock all paint styles.
Pole Position Pole Position
Qualify first for a race.
Online Racer Online Racer
Play your first multiplayer match.