Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Trophy List

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Earned every other trophy in the game.
Finished the Prologue.
Finished Chapter 1.
Finished Chapter 2.
Finished Chapter 3.
Finished Chapter 5.
Played a MONOKU-MAN machine for the first time.
Escaped the collapsing bridge.
Rescued Shirokuma.
Defended the secret base from attack.
Cleared the Motivation Machine event.
Komaru vs. Genocide Jack cleared.
Defeated your first Monokuma.
Defeated 100 Monokumas.
Defeated 1,000 Monokumas.
Defeated every type of Monokuma.
Found half of the Bling Bullets in the game.
Found all of the Bling Bullets in the game.
Collected 100 Monocoins.
Collected 10,000 Monocoins.
Handed over your first Hit List to Hiroko.
Handed over all Hit Lists to Hiroko.
Found your first Hidden Kid.
Found your first Reference Book.
Found your first book and saw your first bonus conversation.
Maxed out Genocide Jack's scissors.
Raised Komaru to level 20.
Found every page of the Socki the Sock book.
Earned a B in every chapter.
Earned an A in every chapter.
Found all of the Hidden Kids.
Found all Scrap Notes.
Found all Reference Books.
Raised Komaru to max level.