Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX) Trophy List

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Get all trophies!
Find a Moura tear.
Find all Moura tears.
Save the Amadis of Gaul from the flames.
Invoke the lady of the lake.
Be kind with the sirens until the end of the game.
Reveal the statue of Saint Martin.
Find out where the mysterious gamusin people live.
Find Jean Raymond’s note.
Destroy Moura, but fail to eradicate evil from Tolomera.
Eradicate evil from Tolomera thanks to a pact with Death.
Eradicate evil from Tolomera.
Eradicate the evil and find out every secret from Tolomera.
Finish the game using no continues.
Finish the game equipped with the fire sword.
Eradicate the evil in less than 50 minutes.