CubeWorks Trophy List

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Unlock all other Trophies
Complete the Warehouse
Complete the Auditorium
Complete the Rooftop
Use all 3 special types in a single stage
Earn a Gold Medal in every stage
Match a cube at least 2 meters away from yourself
Throw a cube into the recycle bin
Match a cube that's been spit out of the recycle bin
Gaze at the TinMoon
Push the 3 secret buttons
Complete Warehouse Speed Bonus in under 3 seconds
Complete Auditorium Recycling Bonus with 100% accuracy
Complete Bay 21 Combo Bonus with a 10-cube Multi-Match
Complete Rooftop Airborne Bonus without missing a single cube
Complete the Basement Tutorials
Complete Bay 21
Make 6 consecutive throws into the recycle bin
Match using all 9 face types in a single stage
Earn more than 1000 points in a Score Challenge using only 1 hand