Crysis Trophy List

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Earn all available trophies for Crysis®
Discover the fate of the Lusca's Call
Rescue the hostage
Regroup with Prophet upriver
Infiltrate the excavation site
Board the VTOL for extraction
Destroy all AA guns around the harbor
Destroy the cruiser
Secure the train station
Proceed to the mining complex
Reach the end of 'Onslaught' in the tank you started with
Enter the mines
Defeat General Kyong
Escape the mysterious structure under the mountain
Escort Prophet to safety
Help the marines evacuate
Defeat the flight deck invader
Secure victory in the Battle of Lingshan
Complete 'Contact', 'Recovery' and 'Relic' on Delta difficulty
Complete 'Assault', 'Onslaught' and 'Awakening' on Delta difficulty
Complete 'Core', 'Paradise Lost', 'Exodus' and 'Reckoning' on Delta difficulty
Complete the game on any difficulty
Complete the game on Hard or Delta difficulty
Complete 3 Secondary Objectives
Complete 6 Secondary Objectives
Complete all Secondary Objectives
Destroy 5 helicopters
Destroy 5 enemy tanks
Customize a weapon to use all 5 modification points
Kill 200 enemies
Kill 400 enemies
Kill an enemy 200m away
Perform a kill with every firearm
Use all weapon attachments
Kill 20 enemies with grab
Speed sprint 3km
Perform 5 consecutive kills without being spotted by an enemy
Kill an enemy Nanosuit soldier with a Strength punch
Pick up an animal
Tag 30 enemies using the binoculars
Kill 10 enemies by throwing an object at them