Crossout Trophy List

Journeyman Engineer Journeyman Engineer
Reach reputation level 5 with ‘Engineers’
Craftsman Craftsman
Manufacture a rare part
Industrialist Industrialist
Build an epic part
Raider Raider
Successfully complete 500 raids
Challenger Challenger
Complete 30 daily challenges
Shopaholic Shopaholic
Buy 10 goods on the market
Fence Fence
Sell 10 goods on the market
Butcher Butcher
Destroy or help destroy 3000 enemies in PvE
Eradicator Eradicator
Successfully complete 10 ‘Leviathan’ raids
Artisan Artisan
Build 50 of any parts
Assassin Assassin
Destroy 2000 player vehicles by any means
Magnate Magnate
Manufacture a legendary part
Master engineer Master engineer
Reach reputation level 30 with ‘Engineers’