Crossing Souls Trophy List

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Congrats, you can now go out and play.
Start the adventure.
Grab the gang.
Snatch the Duat stone from the corpse's hand.
You have lost a loved one.
Defeat the Purple Skulls.
Escape from Bronson's clutches.
Defeat Carl, the evil driver.
Defeat the librarian.
Defeat Vigo Sarducci.
Stick with your friend to the end.
Prove yourself worthy before Osis.
Defeat Heartless.
Defeat Major Oh Rus.
Sacrifice yourself to reach the Final Judgment.
Finish the story.
Gather all the Cartridges.
Gather all the Cassettes.
Gather all the VHSes.
Gather all the Classified Documents.
Gather all the Profiles.
Solve the test questions.
Make the mime talk.
Make Mr. Freeman stop the construction on the pool.
Read all the epitaphs.
Find Master Splinter.
Watch the Devil's Cradle.
Read all the inscriptions in the cave.
Find the date in the hidden journal.
That box looks suspicious.
Find the camouflaged agent, even if it's too late for him.
Find all the portraits of the guy who is watching us.