Crisis on the Planet of the Apes VR Trophy List

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All trophies completed
Complete the Tutorial Level
Complete Main Entrance
Complete the Prison Camp
Complete the Warehouse
Complete the Slaughterhouse
Complete the Rooftops
Complete the Comm Tower
Beat Reynolds' Helicopter
Equip the assault rifle
Equip the shotgun
Complete every level of the game on any difficulty
Escape the camp on Easy difficulty
Escape the camp on Medium difficulty
Escape the camp on Hard difficulty
Complete the Cage Area in under 2 minutes
Complete the Warehouse in under 3 minutes
Complete Slaughterhouse in under 3 minutes
Complete the Rooftops in under 5 minutes
Complete the Comm Tower in under 18 minutes
Beat Reynolds' Helicopter in less than 7 minutes
Kill 5 enemies with one clip
Complete the game in one session
Attempt to escape the Main Entrance
Kill 5 enemies with headshots
Kill 10 enemies with headshots
Kill 50 enemies with headshots
Die 10 times
Travelled 1 kilometer
Pound chest and roar 5 times