Criminal Girls 2 Trophy List

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You've achieved all of the trophies!
You've cleared Cell Block 946.
You've cleared the first area, Maze Hell.
You've cleared the second area, Hellfire.
You've cleared the third area, Bloody Hell.
You've cleared the Fragments of Memory in Sunken World.
You've cleared the secret sector, Girl's Garden.
You've cleared the X Layer, Manager's Floor.
You've cleared the World of Eternal Sin.
Leveled up everyone to max with Scrubby Scrub.
Leveled up everyone to max with Spanking X.
Leveled up everyone to max with Slimeshot.
Leveled up everyone to max with Shocking Bondage.
Leveled up everyone to max with Squishy Squish.
Shinoa became a Knight.
Lily became a Knight.
Kuroe became a Knight.
Mizuki became a Knight.
Yurine became a Knight.
Tsukasa became a Knight.
Sui became a Knight.
Accomplished Shinoa's Girl's Wish.
Accomplished Lily's Girl's Wish.
Accomplished Kuroe's Girl's Wish.
Accomplished Mizuki's Girl's Wish.
Accomplished Yurine's Girl's Wish.
Accomplished Tsukasa's Girl's Wish.
Accomplished Sui's Girl's Wish.
You've collected all treasure chests!
All Motivations have been maxed out!
Watched Shinoa's ending.
Watched Lily's ending.
Watched Kuroe's ending.
Watched Mizuki's ending.
Watched Yurine's ending.
Watched Tsukasa's ending.
Watched Sui's ending.
Watched Shinoa's special ending.
Watched Lily's special ending.
Watched Kuroe's special ending.
Watched Mizuki's special ending.
Watched Yurine's special ending.
Watched Tsukasa's special ending.
Watched Sui's special ending.
Watched the hidden ending.