Cosmic Star Heroine Trophy List

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Achieve all possible trophies.
Complete the game.
Gather at least 20 recruits for your ship.
Defeat a true hero.
Defeat a cosmic entity.
Defeat the Prime Evil.
Defeat a special bounty.
Win every round of Rock Paper Scissors.
Gain your final party member.
Prove your innocence.
Win the first battle in the game on the hardest difficulty level.
Defeat the ultimate zombie.
Reclaim your high score.
Gain Chahn's ultimate ability.
Deal over 9999 damage in a single hit.
Reach 300 style.
Complete the SkyBreaker Tower scenario.
Share a soda.
Scare rats away in Gehenna.
Defeat the lab guardian.
Defeat the Spectral Dragon.
Charm an enemy.
Reach Lauren's apartment.
Escape confinement.
Defeat the Nightmare.
Defeat the Crystal Wraith.
Chat with your party members.
Commandeer your own spaceship.
Defeat the Blobmith.
Win a VR Battle.
Use a Heroine program.
Find the ultimate ingredient.
Use Clarke's Self-Destruct ability.
A party member betrays you.